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Membership Category Definitions

Family Membership


A family membership shall consist of one (1) or two (2) adults with a child or children living in the household during the Association’s open season.


Fees for a family membership shall be based on whether there is one or two adults living in the household.

Household Membership


A household membership shall consist of all persons residing in a household regardless of age or familial relationship.


Fees for household membership shall be a base membership fee for one person living in the household with an additional fee for each additional person living in that household.

Legacy Membership

A legacy membership shall be open to all members of the Association in good standing who have been active members of the Association for a minimum of ten (10) years and who have no children under the age of twenty-three (23) residing in such member’s household. 


Applications for such membership are subject to approval by the Executive Board.


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