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What HSTA Members Say... 

Our members say it best:

HSTA is a terrific place for families, couples, longtime neighbors and new arrivals.

Here are just a few of their thoughts and memories...



Sharon Hutson -- "When I reflect on my childhood summers, I think of the long, lazy days I spent hanging out with neighborhood kids at HSTA. Summers meant delicious freedom from schedules, with the exception of daily morning swim practice and the weekly swim meet. My husband and I feel lucky that our five oldest children have been able to experience the same delicious freedoms and look forward to our youngest one learning to swim in the same pool as his siblings. Maybe he'll even be a swim coach like his oldest brother or be a lifeguard?!? Hillandale is truly an oasis." 


Joey, age 12 -- "Some of my favorite things about spending my summers at HSTA are the diving boards and deep-end well, the sports activities and the sport courts, the cookouts after a swim meet, volleyball nights and the snack bar. But my favorite thing is all of the people that go there."


Honey Morales -- "Joining the pool was the best choice for us. We get to spend time with our families and friends from the neighborhood. Our kids also have an awesome time making new friends and participating in all the activities. We love the Hillandale pool!"


Elyssa Davis -- "I love HSTA! It's my childhood, my friends, my swim team (proud Hellcat alum), my sunburns and my first job (the snack bar) all wrapped into one place. I talk about the Hillandale pool like it's the best place on earth, because for me, it was. I wasn't good at diving off the high dive, but HSTA was the place where I tried it. I wasn't the fastest swimmer, but HSTA was where I beat my own times. I think everyone should grow up at a pool like this one."


Jim Rosenberg -- "We are a multi-generational HSTA member-family. I spent countless hours at 'the pool' as a child and teenager in the 1970s, and our kids have done the same since the early 1990s. Neither I nor our kids attended summer camps for the most part. We didn’t have to -- everything we needed was at the pool. These days more than ever, as neighborhood children attend many different schools, HSTA is THE unifying force. It is a safe, healthy place for them to spend their summer days. It is a communty treasure, and I hope that it’s around for generations to come."


Anna, age 15 -- "If you're looking for way to cool off and have fun during the summer, join a pool. If you're looking for a way to make friends that last a lifetime, join Hillandale."


Chris Schlegel -- "Ever since I escaped from the baby pool at age 3 and tried to run into the big pool, I've been in love with the Hillandale Swim & Tennis Association. I wanted to spend every waking minute of my summer at HSTA with my friends, and many summers that is exactly what we did. Between swim team, tennis team, sharks and minnows or any other goofy stuff we were doing, we had the best summers growing up as Hillandale Hellcats."


Amy and Gareth Williams -- "When we moved to the area a few years ago, we wanted to connect to the community and meet our neighbors. Everyone we met encouraged us to join the Hillandale pool. Sure enough, we found that joining HSTA was a relaxing and easy way to become part of the community and make new friends. Our young daughters go to the pool almost every day and probably know more people than we do! We're looking forward to the coming summer!"


Max Flicker -- "I grew up at this pool -- it made me love swimming and taught me great things to remember throughout my life."



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